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About us 


Restaurant Dolnozemská is located in the heart of the old city - Bratislava. The name of the street is derived from the word 'lord', so it was a lord's street, because the counts, nobility and the powerful built their palaces here.

The cuisine that we offer in the Dolnozemská restaurant is based on traditional recipes of the Slovaks of the Dolnozemská, combined with typical food for our country and city. In the past, Belgian beer was used in these premises, which we have preserved here. In our restaurant, both the most demanding and the smallest customers will choose. Our goal is to make every customer feel like a guest.

In our kitchen, love for what we bring you is a key ingredient. Every dish we prepare is the result of hard work, which we translate into seasonal flavors in our à la carte menu.

We are looking forward to you,

Team Dolnozemska

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